Moto Polish

Moto Polish

Biker Benefits:

  • Creates a bright, detergent-resistant shine.
  • Non solvent and non abrasive based formulation.
  • Polishes without harming the surface.
  • Protects paint surface and provides instant shine.

MOTO Recommends:

  • Spray the polish on a sponge or MicroFiber polish cloth.
  • Apply uniformly in circular motion on one part.
  • Wipe and finish the surface with MicroFiber cloth.
  • Follow the same procedure on the next part

Attention Biker:

  • Shake the product well, before use.
  • Wash your bike with M46 MOTO SHAMPOO before applying this polish.
  • Never detail your bike under direct sunlight.
  • First, test this product on a hidden surface and ensure surface compatibility.
  • Keep away from children & pets. Not for human/animal consumption.